Renaissance Art for Shakespeare Plus Students 2019

Renaissance Art for Shakespeare whose birthplace Stratford upon Avon is but 25 miles from where I sit in Warwickshire.near #Birmingham

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Summer 2023

HI All, we are going to have an amazing experience this Tuesday, exploring Renaissance art that depicts many of the social and historical contexts and obsessions of the Renaissance era. Shakespeare would have been attuned to all of this and much of it would have fed into his imagination in both his poetry and his plays. There is a  study sheet for you to download and print (from LEO) or from right here. I have also posted up here a number of the key works that we will be exploring. The questions in the study guide are designed to help you make sense of what you are looking at and to help you relate the paintings and art works to the preoccupations of Shakespeare himself in his poems and plays. It is important to work through the questions with your team mates, but the most important thing is to enjoy…

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