Brummie Bard & BrummaGEM Keith Bracey Brum Poet
Birmingham, UK

Bio: Brummie poet, historian, writer and blogger AKA #BrummieBard Please read my Birmingham Blog from downtown Bearwood at https://keithbracey.wordpress.com Twitter: @1truclaretnblu and Facebook: Birmingham: The City of Enlightenment Villa and Bears fan and Moseman through and through although my fave AVIVA Premiership team is Wasps @Ricoh

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  1. Hi Keith, you don’t know me but Gillian and I were in GD together and spent 1st year playing football every break! Seems like a lifetime ago. I just wanted to say hi to her and hope she’s well
    I’ve been in Scotland since 1984 but my Mom&Dad still live on Rotton Park Road so we’re down quite a bit
    My maiden name is Harchowal
    Take care, Vx

    • Hi Vimty
      It’s taken me this long to find your post even though I am meant to be good with technology……Lol!

      Gillian is Gillian Collins now and has a son Stuart 34 with 2 lovely grandkids Lacie nearly 8 and Codie 3. Gill or Bill as my little brother Rich has always called Gill loves ❀ cricket 🏏 and me her and Stuart often go πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ to Edgbaston to watch πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ England! I played there in September at the Metro Mayor Andy Street’s Cricket 🏏 Cup Challenge Day with lots of young and older Sikh, Hindu & Muslim players to Foster intergenerational and interracial harmony as I am 63 and the youngest 2 members of my team were an Asian lad of 10 and his sister who was 12! We also.had a Coventry Councillor Asha Masih on my team and I let her be captain as I played Birmingham League cricket from 1972 until 1990 for Mitchell’s and Butler’s cricket 🏏 Club at Portland Road Pavilion which is now the Warwickshire County Cricket Club 🏏 2nd XI Foundation Ground which is the Youth Women’s and 2nd XI HQ ground other than Edgbaston….I am now a member of Smethwick Cricket 🏏 Club as M&B CC folded 20 years ago when they demolished M&B’s Cape Hill Brewery. I an a member of St Germain’s Church where I was christened and our Mom and Dad were married in 1952. A member of the Church who was a Christian Missionary in Goa
      India was also at George Dixon and for the life of me I can’t recall her name…oh yep it’s come back to me…Anjani Contractor ….does the name ring any bells to you? She’s very petite and dainty and wouldn’t be a footballer at all…..your story reminds me of that Great film “Bend it Loike Beckham” …obviously the Brummie version! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Another person who is at St Germain’s is Linda Germaine, Janet Germaine’s sister who has a disabled daughter….I have not seen Janet Germaine for years! Gill lives with her female partner Ki and is a Royal Mail Postie at Quinton Sorting Office. From St Germain’s we recently walked πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ down Rotton Park Road to Edgbaston Reservoir which we walked around. When I was born on April Fool’s Day 1958 in St Chad’s Hospital in Hagley Road we first lived in a bedsit in Rotton Park Road before moving up to Bearwood and a flat above the Chop Suey Bar in Three Shires Oak Road and thence to buying 116 Willow Avenue in Edgbaston B17 8HE just inside the Birmingham boundary between Edgbaston and Smethwick…If you want to contact Gillian please contact me on here and I will ask her if I can give you her number Thanks for contacting me and best wishes and kind regards Keith Bracey 07552 758710 Email keithbracey1@gmail.com Twitter @1truclaretnblu Instagram @brummiebard

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