Joseph Chamberlain: The Father of Birmingham and the man who made the city great

via “The man who made Birmingham great”


“The man who made Birmingham great”

The ‘Father of Birmingham’ Joe Chamberlain, the man who made Birmingham great and the ‘best governed city in The Empire’

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust

Listen to Gisela Stuart, the former Member of Parliament for Birmingham Edgbaston, make the case for Joseph Chamberlain to be nominated as her great life on BBC Radio 4.

But can she really make the case for this former industrialist who made it to the cabinet but had a knack for splitting political parties and switching allegiances?

Jo Chamberlain was first a Liberal then a Liberal Unionist and finally formed an alliance with the Conservative party but fell out with them too.
Gisela argues he was a man who wasn’t afraid to take action, a radical who shouldn’t simply be remembered for his failures but as “the man who made the weather” and for making Birmingham the best governed city in the world.

The expert witness is Peter Marsh, Honorary Professor of History at the University of Birmingham and author of ‘Joseph Chamberlain, Entrepreneur in Politics.’

Matthew Parris is the…

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John Madin’s Central Library: January 2018

I would like to have seen the old ‘Brutalist’ Birmingham Central Library building recycled and turned into a ‘Made in Birmingham’ visitor attraction with the Spitfire and Hurricane now in Thinktank suspended from the ceiling in the library atrium and the Birmingham steam locomotive in the space beneath……

Our Birmingham

Gone but not forgotten – but will Birmingham ever learn?

Mary Keating, from campaign group Brutiful Birmingham, asks why Birmingham seems to dislike its Brutalist history so much

 Birmingham’s Central Library before demolition

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“Birmingham banker Thomas Attwood must be cheering from his grave”

Attwood, the Birmingham pro – working man MP was instrumental in the enfranchisement of the British working class. He addressed 30000 Brummies at Newhall Hill in 1832 & the government feared a revolution might take place at the behest of Attwood, a man forgotten in history, although there used to be a statue of William Attwood MP reclining on the steps of the Joseph Chamberlain Memorial at the back of #Birmingham Town Hall. Chamberlain was another great Birmingham political figure who ‘Made the Modern Birmingham’ with the ‘Civic Gospel’.

Our Birmingham

‘The Labour party would have found an ally in Attwood’

Dr Geoffrey Ingham, Financial Times (Letters):

“The early 19th century member of parliament, proto-Keynesian and pro-industry Birmingham banker Thomas Attwood must be cheering from his grave at the Labour party’s proposal to move most of the Bank of England to Birmingham “to shake up more than three centuries of association between the Old Lady and the City of London”.

“In the 1820s, Attwood railed against the City and the Bank in parliament and print: “Half the circulation of the kingdom is determined in stagnant masses into what is called the money market, in order to gorge the moneyed interest.” Rather, he advocated that “the use of credit should be expanded until the demand for labour, in all the great departments of industry, becomes permanently greater than its supply”.

“The prime minister, Lord Melbourne, summarily dismissed his impudence: “Birmingham is…

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#BrumPanto Cinderella at Birmingham Hippodrome

#BrumIsBrill #panto at #TheHippodrome #Birmingham


by Dave Massey

Cinderella at Birmingham Hippodrome

According to the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre programme, Cinderella has been performed over 10 ten times since 1961 and it’s certainly one of the biggest pantos in the country, and if you don’t include arenas, it is the BIGGEST THEATRE PANTO in the UK. There’s soo much to love about this huge show. Singing, dancing, comedy and getting the audience involved.

Beverley Knight photo by Paul Coltas Beverley Knight photo by Paul Coltas

Compared to other pantomimes. there’s not a lot of plot to the story of Cinderella: A downtrodden girl Cinderella (Suzanne Shaw) lives with her two mean stepsisters Voluptua (Ceri Dupree) and Verruca (David Dale) and her best friend is Buttons, (Brum Panto Regular Matt Slack is back for a fifth year). They hear that Prince Charming, (Danny Mac) is hosting a ball and the three sisters all want…

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