One a Penny, Two a Penny…Easter at Purus Bakeries!

#Birmingham #Easter at Purus Bakeries…..not cross guns at al

The Iron Room

Purus Bakeries logo from a cake box, n.d. [MS 2645/4/6] Collection reference MS 2645 is comprised of two boxes of material from the Purus Bakeries Ltd., which was a bakery located in Handsworth, founded in 1899, and which ran for over fifty years in the hands of the Innes family.

Photograph of an Easter window display, 1930s [MS 2645/4/4] Items of particular interest in the collection are the two bakery journals, which note details on the periods of high production for the bakeries at Christmas and Easter.

In 1939, it seems they had an issue with sales, when ‘the catalogue’ (of egg designs, I presume) was taken out of the premises, and this prompted a series of odd orders. (I wouldn’t have wanted to be ‘No. 12’ that year.) They also investigated Easter novelties—a chicken pen? (I can’t make up my mind if they mean ink pens with chickens on…

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Table Talk – coming soon

Bagels for #Birmingham on Temple Row as Steamhouse opens a new Brummie outlet

Midlands Gourmet Girl

It is all about the anticipation in this week’s Table Talk, with a new pub beer festival for Worcester, bagels for Birmingham and afternoon tea for Compton Verney that are all coming soon.

Worcester Pub Beer Festival 2019

Friday 29th to Sunday 31st March the first Worcester Pub Beer Festival  will be held. This new event for the town will feature twelve of Worcester’s finest pubs, over 120 different beers, some amazing ciders and perrys and, of course, fantastic food and entertainment. All of the featured pubs and bars are just a short walk from Foregate Street train station with more details on their Facebook page.

The Steamhouse bagels

The freshly baked bagels and to die for cakes have been a hit in Leamington for the past three years and now  The Steamhouse is getting ready to open a new coffee shop in Birmingham. Expect to pay around a fiver for classic smoked salmon and cream cheese…

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2019 Independent Birmingham Card Released & It’s On Offer

Independent #Birmingham Card 2019 out now to get lots of discounts from Birmingham’s independent retailers from restaurants to clothing stores and shoe shops…get one to get some fantastic Brummie discounts @BrumIsBrill


Every year Independent Birmingham commissions an incredible local artist to design their new Independent Birmingham Membership Card – with the vision being that the design must not only be a beautiful piece of artwork for your pocket, but also a unique piece that champions and celebrates the city. This year they teamed up with Lil & Brun (who design and illustrate wonderful prints for children’s rooms and nurseries) to create a design that emulates the vintage posters of yesteryear – and celebrates Birmingham for the truly incredible and iconic city it is.

More than just a discount card, Independent Birmingham is a movement, a revolution of local – and a way of giving back to the city in which we work and live. Not only is it a fantastic piece of artwork for your pocket (which just so happens to entitle you to amazing discounts and deals at over 110…

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Pankhurst Keynote @ The Custard Factory (Free event 6th March)

Dr Helen Pankhurst of the famous Suffragette family to conduct a talk in Birmingham for World Women’s Day


Great-granddaughter of suffrage leader Emmeline Pankhurst, Dr Helen Pankhurst CBE, will deliver the keynote speech at a free to attend West Midlands Women’s Voice event that will take place on Wednesday 6 March from 10am to 4pm at The Custard Factory.

West Midlands Women's Voice Event Poster - PankhurstThe ‘In Conversation…’ event is being hosted by West Midlands Women’s Voice – an organisation made up of influential women working together to support the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) in setting an agenda for economic growth and better social welfare – and will put the spotlight on the role of women in arts, culture, sport and business within the region at a time when the region will be in the headlines ahead of the upcoming Commonwealth Games and Coventry being named as the UK City of Culture.

During the day, attendees will hear from high profile speakers from the world of sport, the armed forces and emergency services, music…

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Call for papers for Watt conference

The bicententenary of the death of Scottish engineering genius James Watt at his home Heathfield House in Handsworth is to be commemorated with a conference at the University of Birmingham in August 2019

James Watt

The University of Birmingham is hosting a three-day conference about inventor James Watt.

“Rethinking James Watt (1736-1819): Innovation, Culture and Legacy” will run from the evening of Friday, August 30 and conclude on Sunday, September 1.

It will start just a few days after the 200th anniversary of Watt’s death.

Full details, including conference fees, have still to be finalised. However, the University has now issued a “call for papers”, for speakers interested in taking part in the conference.

Download early conference information in Microsoft Word format here.

Dr Malcolm Dick from the University said: “This conference seeks to consider the diverse influences that shaped Watt’s experiences in Scotland and Birmingham. One underlying theme is to look at Watt the innovator in new ways and explore the idea of innovation at different times and in different localities – an issue that will be explored by a panel of historians and…

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Highbury features on BBC2’s Great British Railway Journeys!

The Chamberlain political dynasty of Highbury Hall Birmingham consisted of its scion Joseph Chamberlain a Liberal Colonial Secretary and his sons Sir Austen Chamberlain a Foreign Secretary whose work on the Locarno Pact of 1925 which paved the way for the League of Nations earned him the Nobel Peace Prize and Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain whose Munich meeting with Adolf Hitler is most remembered as the precursor to the Second World War and who died a broken man in 1940 thereby ending Birmingham’s Chamberlain political dynasty