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Keith Bracey the Brummie Bard Birmingham & Black Country poet & writer

Birmingham: The City of Enlightenment: MADE IN BIRMINGHAM TIMELINE from the time of The Lunar Men and The Midlands Enlightenment to the year 2000.

Lunar Men Book Cover
18th century

1727: Birmingham is becoming a hot-bed of creative activity and local businessman and bookseller Thomas Warren opens a bookshop in the Birmingham’s High Street. Warren is an influential figure in Birmingham at this time.

The only known surviving copy of the Birmingham Journal, dated 21 May 1733
1732: The Birmingham Journal is founded and published from Thomas Warren’s book store. This is possibly Birmingham’s first weekly Newspaper and has a very notable contributor ‘Samuel Johnson’ of near-by Lichfield.

Samuel Johnson reading

1733: Thomas Warren edits and publishes Samuel Johnson’s first original writing – a translation of Jerónimo Lobo’s Voyage to Abyssinia. Johnson, works for the Journal while he lodges with Warren. Johnson later moves on to greater things and James Boswell writes of Johnson’s life: “After nine…

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