George Frederick Muntz: political reformer and industrialist

George Frederick Muntz was a Birmingham MP and Parliamentarian who helped found the Birmingham Political Union

The Iron Room

George Frederick Muntz was born in Great Charles Street, Birmingham on the 26th day of November 1794. He was the Son of Polish immigrants who left France because of persecution during the French Revolution.

Ordnance Survey map 1875 showing Great Charles Street.

George’s Father, Phillip Muntz, under the advice of Matthew Boulton, bought shares in a firm called Mynors & Robert Purden, who were merchants. This firm eventually became known as Muntz and Purden.

George Frederick was educated at home until the age of 12, when he was sent to a school in Small Heath. After two years he joined the family Business.

After the death of his Father in 1811, he managed the metalworks factory with his brother, based in Water Street, Birmingham.

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