A poem for BBC Radio WM

I was asked to write a poem about BBC Radio WM so here goes:

BBC Radio WM – My friend’s voice

BBC Radio WM is our local station

Broadcasting to the West Midlands for the Nation

For local news with Louise Hancock

You can’t go wrong she runs it by the clock

Three minute bulletins followed by ‘make a difference’

To the Birmingham and Black Country experience

Your local presenters we have Elise at breakfast

The first young woman to present the show at last

We’ve had Phil Upton, Les Ross, Daz Hale et al

All trying to be your Brummie Breakfast pal

At 10am we have Cazza Martin

The Family Favourite a former Radio Caroline Queen

She has the dilemma to tax your brain 

And items as diverse as Boris Johnson to Metro trains

At 2pm Cazza makes way for Franksy, 

Or is it Foxy the Main Man to the Maxi? 

Franksy’s been on WM forever, 

He’s such a big bloke and he’s sooo blooming clever!!!!

At 6 in the evening Daz takes the stage

With the football phone in, most fans in a rage!

The Villa, the Blues, the Baggies too, Saddlers and Wolves

Everyone’s in Daz’s phone queue…..

Daz is a Wolves fan, and Mike Taylor, the Villa…

Not sure who Henry Liston supports as he’s such a young fella?

Straight outta Birmingham University I’m yer man

The Birmingham poet, Brummie Bard, avid listener to WM!

The greatest station in Birmingham, not forgetting the Black Country 

Which was Black by day and glowed red by night!

The greatest region in the country….that’s awroight!!!!

Keith Bracey AKA the Brummie Bard, Birmingham and Black Country poet


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