The Birmingham Book of Remembrance Office, 1948-9

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The Iron Room

While 11 November marks the end of the hostilities of World War One, it is also the day on which we remember members of the British armed services who have lost their lives in military conflicts since that time. This year’s Remembrance Day blog post looks at efforts undertaken by Birmingham City Council in the years after the Second World War to ensure that the city’s citizens who lost their lives during that conflict were remembered for posterity.

At a meeting of the War Memorial Committee in April 1946, the Lord Mayor, Alderman Albert Bradbeer J.P., suggested that members discussed whether there should be a Roll of Honour compiled for those who had died in the recent war, as had been the case at the end of the First World War with the ‘Record of the Fallen in the 1914-18 War’, which was in the Hall of Memory. The meeting…

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