The Birmingham Book of Remembrance Office, 1948-9

#Lestweforget #Wewillrememberthem #BookofRemembrance #HallofMemory #TheGreatWar During the Great War my wife’s Family were devastated by the loss of two brothers in the last German offensive of Spring 1918 within 3 weeks of one another in May and June 1918. Mary’s Great Grandfather John Thomas Sawford was taken in May 1918 followed 3 weeks later in early June 1918 by his brother Archie Leonard Sawford my wife’s Great Uncle. Both men hailed from Smethwick near Birmingham in the West Midlands and Archie Leonard Sawford is remembered on the Smethwick Borough Council Roll of Honour in the portico of Smethwick Borough Council House on High Street Smethwick right next to the Smethwick War Memorial near Smethwick Heritage Centre also known as Smethwick Museum the Museum in the Park Victoria Park in Smethwick. Archie Leonard Sawford worked for Smethwick Borough Council but has no known grave in Flanders Fields. John Thomas Sawford is interred at Terlincthun Cemetery in the Somme Valley #RIP #Lestweforget #wewillrememberthem

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1 thought on “The Birmingham Book of Remembrance Office, 1948-9

  1. So sad.World war had mostly swallowed is said that in every home in Britain,one chair had emptied forever in dining room.

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