The Black History Collection  – Black and Asian Histories in printed resources

Birmingham as a Multicultural city is trying to make its history more inclusive and diverse by examining attitudes to slavery amongst those @Lunar Society men who created the Modern World with their Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The study day outlined in my previous post instigated by Legacy WM aims to redress the balance in favour of Black History related to slavery. The Black History Collection in Birmingham Archives is an important starting point in any reappraisal of Black History in Birmingham in Black History Month

The Iron Room

Front cover of the programme for Black History Month 2002

Black History Month is now an annual event marking and celebrating the achievements, contributions and challenges of Asian and Black people throughout history. It’s an opportunity to express the diversity, culture and heritage of Asian, Black and Caribbean diaspora communities in all areas of life – including the cultural, economic and political.

Black History Month in Britain is, of course, in October after the first celebration was held in October 1987 – the event in London was part of African Jubilee Year. Birmingham’s first Black History Month celebrations appear to have taken place in the late 1990s.

Whilst it’s important to continue to mark the month, it’s equally significant to look at the efforts made throughout the year as part of an ongoing effort to provide a platform for diversity and make Asian and Black history part of the mainstream…

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