We’re 10 years old!

I was at the #IronRoom on Saturday researching into the #History of Bournville RFC and had a great time going through the catalogue online and the many local History books on Bournville on the shelves…..I can thoroughly recommend a visit by any budding #Birmingham #Historians like me @BrummieBard….Many thanks to Eleanor for her help in navigating everything so easily Keith Bracey AKA Birmingham and Black Country poet writer historian journalist and broadcaster on Sports Radio Birmingham Please read my Birmingham and Black Country history heritage and sports blog posts on my Bracey Blog at


The Iron Room

Here at the Iron Room, we’re proud to be celebrating our 10th birthday!

The Iron Room blog was launched in October 2011 and over the years, we’ve covered a lot of topics reflecting the changing times in the world of Archives & Collections.

The first blogs that we posted covered topics such as Preparing to Move – the countdown had begun for moving to the Library of Birmingham and collections were being prepped ready to go. We also published an article on the Birmingham Pageant, including what may well be my favourite photo from the ones we’ve published!

An image of the man made dinosaur, Egbert
Misc Photographs-Pageant of Birmingham

In 2012 we set up a schedule for blog posts and highlights of that year include promos for Our Next Lunchtime Lecture, the series of talks that we used to offer in the old library theatre. The Iron Room gave us the opportunity to showcase our outreach…

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