The show that almost went wrong

#Boldtext #Playwrights…..the #SHOWMUSTGOON…..And it did in the rain and in the middle of the #Pingdemic…..Well done #Ladies #BrumisBrill @BrummieBard

BOLDtext Playwrights

What could possibly go wrong, quipped our unflappable producer Julia as she signed up to her duties on Power of Invention back in 2019. Turns out, pretty much anything.

The original plan was for a promenade show inside Soho House where the audience would meander through the house and encounter the industrial giants of the past in their natural setting.

What could go wrong? Well, let’s start with the pandemic. As live performance ground to a halt across the country, our planned show looked decidedly unlikely.

As the lockdowns progressed, no-one knew what was happening – not even the government. So, after a year of false starts and mindful that ‘the show must go on’, we decided to change the nature of the production from an indoor promenade to an outdoor garden party.

An outdoor show in summer in a pandemic? What could go wrong? Well, as the old joke…

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