Land Tax Assessments

Taxes, taxes, taxes are what drove the #AmericanRevolution & the #BostonTeaParty was the manifestation of that 😳!!!!

The Iron Room

Land Tax was one of the innovative schemes of the British government to increase revenue. Introduced in 1692, in the reign of William III and Mary, and finally abolished in 1963. It was administered at the local level, and based on a tax quota for each parish which did not change from year to year.

This blog describes a source that, though useful for those researching property and land ownership in Birmingham in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, is not held at the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research but, for reasons explained below, at the nearly County Record Offices of the old counties that made up modern Birmingham.

Land tax assessment records are useful to historians because they list year by year the names of the owners of property in each parish and the sum assessed, and (in theory at least) the names of the occupiers. They also…

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