Here is the News! The 2021 Chris Upton Memorial Lecture

#ChrisUptonMemorialLecture 5.30pm @LibraryofBham Monday 8th November #RIPChrisUpton who is sorely missed and was #Birmingham’s #MrHistory as he wrote the seminal #HistoryofBirmingham from his lecturer home of #NewmanUniversity in the Birmingham suburb of Bartley Green

The Iron Room

The TNT history show set studio, with three young people, October 2010

Here is the News: Bong! 40 years of involving children in neighbourhood issues through news based local history and community projects.

This, the 2021 Chris Upton Memorial Lecture at the Library of Birmingham, will be given by Norman Bartlam, former teacher and Housing Education Officer for Birmingham City Council, broadcaster on local tv, author of local history related publications, including the bestselling ‘Little Book of Birmingham’ and director of TNT News, (The News Team: Ladywood) a long-established local news and history website.

The lecture looks at his work in helping thousands of children – and through the children their parents and other adults – to understand their locality, using local history topics as a tool to look at the development of communities over the years. It also features his extensive work in enabling youngsters to ‘have a say’…

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Please please please Sandwell Council do NOT build on Brandhall Golf Course in Oldbury just off the Wolverhampton Road…….please please please turn it into a recreation ground and park as we have just lost Londonderry Fields in Smethwick/Londonderry to a new Sandwell Aquatics Centre which has laudable aims to promote exercise and health through swimming, gyms and sports like badminton and the Sandwell Centre is home to a 4G soccer pitch. I know that the Planners and Sandwell Council keep telling us that Sandwell needs 56000 (?) EXTRA homes by 2040 but surely the obesity crisis and imperative means that we NEED more #Green spaces to exercise and stop killing ourselves by eating too much and NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH …….Listen to the people #SandwellCouncil none of your constituents want you to build on Brandhall Golf Course END OF Keith Bracey

My What3Words are sofa.awards.chins

My @What3Words are sofa.awards.chins @BrummieBard #Greensward Enterprise Heritage Consultants Langley Green Village The Black Country West Midlands B68 9LS

Keith Bracey the Brummie Bard Birmingham & Black Country poet & writer

Here is a precise what3words address, made of 3 random words. Every 3 metre square in the world has its own unique what3words address.

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The show that almost went wrong

#Boldtext #Playwrights…..the #SHOWMUSTGOON…..And it did in the rain and in the middle of the #Pingdemic…..Well done #Ladies #BrumisBrill @BrummieBard

BOLDtext Playwrights

What could possibly go wrong, quipped our unflappable producer Julia as she signed up to her duties on Power of Invention back in 2019. Turns out, pretty much anything.

The original plan was for a promenade show inside Soho House where the audience would meander through the house and encounter the industrial giants of the past in their natural setting.

What could go wrong? Well, let’s start with the pandemic. As live performance ground to a halt across the country, our planned show looked decidedly unlikely.

As the lockdowns progressed, no-one knew what was happening – not even the government. So, after a year of false starts and mindful that ‘the show must go on’, we decided to change the nature of the production from an indoor promenade to an outdoor garden party.

An outdoor show in summer in a pandemic? What could go wrong? Well, as the old joke…

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Land Tax Assessments

Taxes, taxes, taxes are what drove the #AmericanRevolution & the #BostonTeaParty was the manifestation of that 😳!!!!

The Iron Room

Land Tax was one of the innovative schemes of the British government to increase revenue. Introduced in 1692, in the reign of William III and Mary, and finally abolished in 1963. It was administered at the local level, and based on a tax quota for each parish which did not change from year to year.

This blog describes a source that, though useful for those researching property and land ownership in Birmingham in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, is not held at the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research but, for reasons explained below, at the nearly County Record Offices of the old counties that made up modern Birmingham.

Land tax assessment records are useful to historians because they list year by year the names of the owners of property in each parish and the sum assessed, and (in theory at least) the names of the occupiers. They also…

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