Born in Birmingham: Maternity, Midwives and Infant Mortality 1914-24

Me Dad Leslie Charles Bracey was born in back to backs in Aston’s Gun Quarter in Little Shadwell St opposite Gunmakers Arms and near to the Birmingham Roman Catholic Cathedral St Chad’s Cathedral built by Augustus Pugin who had built the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster. Me Dad carried the Sporting guns made in the Gun Quarter to Birmingham Proof House near Curzon Street Station….Dad went to Summer Lane School and in 1940 volunteered for the RAF as an electrical engineer and Aircraftsman…..He always said to me that the RAF was like his University as he met so many people from different walks of life ….

The Iron Room

Image of two women with babies and small children. One small boy is sat in a basket on top of weighing scales.
From Birmingham Infants Health Society & School of Mothercraft 6th Annual Report [MS 4101].

Birmingham Heritage Week provides an ideal opportunity for The Friends of Birmingham Archives & Heritage (FoBAH) to finally showcase the results of their Born in Birmingham project (funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund) some 18 months later than expected.

The pop-up exhibition in the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research at the Library of Birmingham on Friday 17th September (1-4pm) will show the culmination of the research efforts of a team of volunteers who uncovered much about infant and women’s health and the pioneering work of those who worked in maternity services 100 years ago in Birmingham.

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