A History of English Football 1872 – 2021

Let’s hope for a win in Euro 2020 for all true born Englishmen wherever they may be watching in the world Football indeed is coming home to the country which gave it birth….it’s been a rocky journey down the years since that first international football fixture a loss to Scotland in 1872 in Edinburgh and then our non participation in the first World Cups in 1930 up to the second world war because the arrogant English FA thought they were too good for the World Cup the first few won by Uruguay and then France and Italy and were the best soccer team in the world anyway.And then in 1950 the catastrophic 1 nil defeat to the USA and the 5 3 defeat to the Magnificent Magyars at the Home of Football Wembley Stadium. And then the highlight of the 1966 World Cup win against West Germany to the lack of World Cup qualification from 1970 until 1982….all in all a chequered History of English football down the years….!!!!! COME ON ENGLAND!!! LET’S BEAT ITALY AT THE HOME OF ENGLISH FOOTBALL- WEMBLEY STADIUM

3 thoughts on “A History of English Football 1872 – 2021

  1. English football has seen a chequered history down the years….from the English arrogance of the 1930’s when the Football Association felt that England, as the home of football didn’t need to enter the nascent World Cup, the first in 1930 being won by minnows Uruguay to the catastrophic disaster that befell English arrogance in 1950 with a 1 nil loss to the USA in the World Cup. This is in direct contrast to the heady success of England winning the World Cup of 1966, albeit at the so called “Home of Football” : Wembley Stadium. This success was squandered with England languishing in the World Cup wilderness after not qualifying from the relatively successful 1970 World Cup when England were knocked out in the quarter finals by a Gerd Muller inspired West Germany to the World Cup of 1982 in Spain with the team captained by future England manager Kevin Keegan and having great players like Bryan Robson and Ray Wilkins. Now on Sunday again at the Home of English Football Wembley this England team have a chance for redemption in the eyes of the long suffering England fans who have been fed failure, disaster and scandal (then England manager Sven Goran Ericcson bedding Swedish TV personality Ulrika Jonson) for too many years….55 years to be exact since that one win in a major World competition…..It’s coming home?????

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