A History of English Football 1872 – 2021 — keithbracey

The triumphs and disasters of English football….A short history of English football


Let’s hope for a win in Euro 2020 for all true born Englishmen wherever they may be watching in the world Football indeed is coming home to the country which gave it birth….it’s been a rocky journey down the years since that first international football fixture a loss to Scotland in 1872 in Edinburgh and […]

A History of English Football 1872 – 2021 — keithbracey

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1 thought on “A History of English Football 1872 – 2021 — keithbracey

  1. A sad and all too predictable outcome to the @Euros2021 final against @Italia with England footballers missing crucial spot kicks in the Denoument the final #Penalties shoot out. It not as though we haven’t been in this place before with @GarethSouthgate missing his penalty during the Penalty Shoot out against @Germany in @Euro96 and earlier @ChrisWaddle and #StuartPsychoPearce and @DavidBatty of #LeedsUnited missing crucial game changing and winning Penalties in various tournaments around the world 🌎 from #Italia90 to #France98 and @Euro2000 and @Euro2004 when #The Greeks surprised everyone by winning the #Euro #Football #Tournament…..@KeithBracey #football #writer #Birmingham and #TheBlackCountry #Blogger and #Broadcaster on @SportsRadioBirmingham srb.co.uk

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