Blakesley Hall: Family Fortunes in Tudor Birmingham – support our museums!

Blakesley Hall is one of the #Birmingham #Museums in Yardley in the city

Notes from 19th Century Birmingham

Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall is another historic building set on a modest housing estate, this one in Yardley. It is one of the historic properties managed and maintained by the charity Birmingham Museums Trust (BMT) on behalf of the people of the city. This post, a shift from the usual 19th century notes, is intended to raise awareness of a fundraising drive by BMT as it faces the difficulties of the Covid crisis.

I have a confession – I have yet to visit Blakesley Hall, although I’m told by friends that it’s one of Birmingham’s best heritage sites, with lovely gardens. However, we can all have a peek inside, even during closure, thanks to BMTs innovative digital efforts:

The tour of the rooms with the addition of information on daily domestic life brings a really lovely insight into the day to day activities of a Tudor farm, including bread and perfume…

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