Who loves Birmingham Museum& Art Gallery?

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Notes from 19th Century Birmingham

Birmingham Museum _ Art Gallery

On Saturday November 28th 1885, HRH the Prince of Wales formally opened Birmingham Corporation’s ‘magnificent’ museum and art gallery. Designed by Yeoville Thomason as an extension to the Council House, this was truly a building for the people. In addition to the galleries, the entire building also consisted the offices of the municipal gas and water companies – thus, when people paid their utility bills, they could also benefit from the art gallery which was partially funded from the profits, but also with a great deal of philanthropic support from local industial families. And of course it was free to visit, for anyone.

BMAG Bridge under contruction 1910-11 BMAG Bridge under construction

The building evolved over the years. In 1912 and ambitious extension saw the museum expand from just four rooms to forty. The new extension joined the old with a bridge, which was styled on the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. This extension was…

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