A Pome- from a recently discovered Manuscript of a play by W. Shakespeare

#Shakespeare was a #Brummie….as Stratford upon Avon is but 25 miles from #Birmingham @BrummieBard @1truclaretnblu

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Summer 2023

Spring is come

The grass is riz

Oi wonder where the flowers iz

But Shakespeare was wrong this time: the flowers are blooming, exploding around Sydney now in the dead of winter!!. This is the amazing aspect of living on the 33rd parallel: the seasons cannot make up their minds: is it winter? is it spring? and in just over one month it will indeed be officially be spring.

So welcome one and all to another wonderful semester of English and American Literature in these cool, sunny climes! I look forward to meeting you all and sharing the delights of literature over the next 12 weeks. In Oz Lit and in Am. Lit we have Jess Brooks helping in the teaching and the marking. You will all love her up to date take on the literature we are studying: welcome Jess!

This morning I walked steeply from Berowra Waters up…

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Watt 2019: July

James Watt Junior and Aston Hall

The Iron Room

Aston Hall, the seat of James Watt [MS 3219/9/5/2/39] 2019 marks the bicentenary of the death of James Watt, improver of the steam engine and partner of Matthew Boulton in the engine businesses at Soho, Handsworth. There will be many events commemorating this during the year, in Birmingham and Scotland, and information about these can be found on the James Watt 2019 website.

To help celebrate the richness of the archive of the James Watt and Family Papers [MS 3219], held in Archives and Collections, Library of Birmingham, there will be a monthly blog on a Watt related subject.

The Adventures of James Watt jr.

I went to an excellent talk this morning (29/6/2019) at the Library of Birmingham by two young scholars who have been investigating the lives of two of James Watt’s children, Margaret (Peggy) Watt, his daughter by his first wife of the same name, and Gregory…

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