Key Factors and Turning Points WWII

Very interesting piece on the key points and the turning points of WW2 which me Dad Leslie Charles Bracey fought in in Bomber Command in a covert squadron which dropped the spies over occupied France RAF Tempsford based at Downham Market in Norfolk

Historical Excerpts

This catastrophic conflict which ended by opening Russia’s path into the heart of Europe was aptly called by Mr. Churchill “the unnecessary war.”

In striving to avert it, and curb Hitler, a basic weakness in the policy of Britain and France was their lack of understanding of strategical factors. Through this they slid into war at the moment most unfavourable to them, and then precipitated an avoidable disaster of far-reaching consequences. Britain survived by what appeared to be a miracle – but really because Hitler made the same mistakes that aggressive dictators have repeatedly made throughout history.

The Vital Pre-War Phase

In retrospect it has become clear that the first fatal step for both sides was the German re-entry into the Rhineland in 1936, For Hitler, this move carried a two-fold strategic advantage – it provided cover for Germany’s key industrial vital area in the Ruhr, and it provided him…

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A Guide to Travel, Accommodation, and Food & Drink in Birmingham

A guide for visitors to #Birmingham

Modern British Studies Birmingham

All of us at MBS look forward to welcoming you to Birmingham in July.

We are lucky to be able to share with you the Brum Secrets Zine, produced by MBS’s own Ellie Munro. We draw your attention especially to pages 6-10 for great restaurant, café and bar recommendations. Scroll down for more links on accommodation, travel, and food from the University’s main site as well.

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University of Birmingham’s information on accommodation

University of Birmingham’s information on travel

University of Birmingham’s information on food & drink

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