21 Birmingham inventions that changed the world.

21 #Birmingham inventions that changed the world #MadeinBrum #BrumIsBrill


21 Birmingham inventions that changed the World.


In 1779, the famous engineer James Watt patented a ‘letter copying machine’ to deal with the mass of paperwork at his business, and also created a special ink to use in the device.

This was the first widely used copier for offices and was such a success that it was in use for more than half a century. It’s considered to be the first ever photocopier.

Watt lived in Regent Place, Birmingham, from 1777 to 1790 and spent most of his time working with Birmingham manufacturer Matthew Boulton, of Soho House, on developing steam engines.


In the late 18th or early 19th century, the Birmingham joiner John Heard invented a standalone cooking range or stove that was capable of roasting, boiling and baking – as well as heating the room it was in.

For the first time, the smoke…

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