Birmingham Heritage Week returns 6th-16th September 2018

#Birmingham is a place full of history, from the magnificent Jacobean mansion of Aston Hall, to Soho House, Industrial Revolution pioneer Matthew Boulton’s home, where the revolutionary Lunar Society made up of ‘The Friends that Made the Future’: Watt, Wedgwood, Small, Priestley, Murdock and Darwin, the ‘Men of Moment’ who made the Industrial Revolution happen on the back of steam power.


Via Zoe for Birmingham Museums Trust

Birmingham Heritage Week returns 6th-16th September 2018

Birmingham Heritage Week is back for 2018, Celebrating Birmingham’s rich and diverse history with inspiring events including walks, talks, open days plus visits to hidden gems across the city.

Aston Hall Aston Hall

The city-wide festival is returning for its fourth year with 10 days of fun-filled events which will attract new tourists to the city, and allow locals a deeper insight into Birmingham’s past.

Whether you want to discover more about Birmingham’s manufacturing history, find out about Birmingham’s much loved parks with the Birmingham Civic Society or travel on a narrow boat into the heart of Birmingham’s canal, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Museum Collection Centre Museum Collection Centre

See a full list of events at – many of the events are free!
2018 highlights

  • Celebrate 400 Years of Aston Hall and the fascinating history of this grand Jacobean…

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2 thoughts on “Birmingham Heritage Week returns 6th-16th September 2018

  1. Hi Livinia Priestley originally came from West Yorkshire and features in one of Birmingham’s most infamous events: The Priestley Riots of 1793 when the Birmingham mob set fire to Priestley’s home in Sparkbrook after he made a speech extolling the virtues of the French and American Revolutions…….Priestley was a prominent member of the Lunar Society and was the first chemist to isolate oxygen.

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