Airport 2018

Why isn’t BHX being expanded instead of Heathrow? Because of this countries obsession with London that’s why! Londoncentric policies will ruin this land…..share out the goodies! The National Stadium went to London as did our Millennium Building….what is it with London and Londoners? Do you fear us Brummies and our enterprise, energy and engenuity…..!!!! Come on London….All we ask is a fair share!!!!! Keith Bracey #Birmingham Poet #BrummieBard

Our Birmingham

UK aviation policy is primarily predicated on the requirements of airport operators, major airlines and the Treasury – the needs of passengers come last says Steve Beauchampé.

The governments long-awaited – and unsurprising – decision to proceed with construction of a third runway at London Heathrow is fundamentally flawed, supported with redundant arguments and highly questionable financial assessments. If the UK had a comprehensive and comprehensible national aviation strategy Heathrow would not be operating at anything like 95% of capacity.

That it does so is the result of a system that essentially forces millions of UK passengers per annum to travel long distances, often in arduous and stressful conditions, to use both Heathrow and London’s two other main airports (Gatwick and Stansted) at great cost both to themselves and the environment. rather than utilising their local airports, many of which are working to a fraction of their…

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