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Why isn’t BHX being expanded instead of Heathrow? Because of this countries obsession with London that’s why! Londoncentric policies will ruin this land…..share out the goodies! The National Stadium went to London as did our Millennium Building….what is it with London and Londoners? Do you fear us Brummies and our enterprise, energy and engenuity…..!!!! Come on London….All we ask is a fair share!!!!! Keith Bracey #Birmingham Poet #BrummieBard

Our Birmingham

UK aviation policy is primarily predicated on the requirements of airport operators, major airlines and the Treasury – the needs of passengers come last says Steve Beauchampé.

The governments long-awaited – and unsurprising – decision to proceed with construction of a third runway at London Heathrow is fundamentally flawed, supported with redundant arguments and highly questionable financial assessments. If the UK had a comprehensive and comprehensible national aviation strategy Heathrow would not be operating at anything like 95% of capacity.

That it does so is the result of a system that essentially forces millions of UK passengers per annum to travel long distances, often in arduous and stressful conditions, to use both Heathrow and London’s two other main airports (Gatwick and Stansted) at great cost both to themselves and the environment. rather than utilising their local airports, many of which are working to a fraction of their…

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Made on the Canal

#Birmingham #JewelleryQuarter #Museum #Exhibition at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter: ‘Made on the Canal’ art for sale of #Birmingham’s canalscape……@BrumIsbrill @BirminghamCivic @GunmakersBrum


The Jewellery museum on Vyse street has another wonderful show on, featuring the works of Thomas Parry. Thomas lives on a canal moored in central Birmingham and produces some stunning pieces.

All of the works on show are for sale, and the prices are affordable, with many pieces being under £200, which represents great value for money for some beautiful art.

The museum of the jewellery quarter does get some super little exhibitions and last night was no exception. With the artist there to chat with us too both my husband and I really enjoyed ourselves.

All of the pieces are of local landmarks and are beautifully drawn. If you can’t get along to this exhibition you can check out Thomas’ website and see all of his work here. I think you’ll agree that they have an air of architects drawings with their fine lines and simplistic beauty.

This was…

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Open Birmingham Auditions for Motown The Musical at New Alexandra Theatre

Motown the Musical – coming to Brum


via Fiona for New Alexandra Theatre

Open Birmingham Auditions for Motown The Musical at New Alexandra Theatre

This autumn, Motown the Musical will embark on its first ever UK and Ireland Tour which opens at Birmingham’s New Alexandra Theatre on Thursday October 11 and runs until Saturday 3 November.

Producers have announced that they will be holding open auditions for talented child and adult performers to play iconic Motown artists in the touring production.

Motown The Musical West End Cast - The Four Tops - credit Tristram KentonMotown The Musical West End Cast photo by Tristram Kenton Motown The Musical West End Cast photo by Tristram Kenton

The open auditions will take place on Saturday 16 June at the workshop spaces in Birmingham Conservatoire.

The producers are looking for black and mixed-race boys, aged between 8-13 with unbroken voices and under 4’11” to play Little Michael Jackson, Little Stevie Wonder and Little Berry Gordy. Children auditionees will be taught a short dance routine and the song I Want You Back

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The Birmingham Civic Society celebrates its 100th birthday today, 10 June 2018!

Happy 100th Birthday #Birmingham Civic Society….help celebrate with a giant picnic at Soho House Museum today Sunday 10th June 2018 starting at 1pm…….

The Iron Room

‘A Picture Map of the Park of Sutton Coldfield in the County of Warwick’ by Bernard Sleigh in Work of the Birmingham Civic Society from June 1918 – June 1946, by William Haywood, pp. 45-6 [Ref L20.053] For 100 years, the members of Birmingham Civic Society have worked as volunteers to make Birmingham a better place for everyone, engaging with communities and schools to promote pride in the city.

The Society was started in 1918 with the aim of improving the appearance of the city, acting as an advisory body to the city council on issues of town planning and heritage.

From the beginning, it raised funds to buy land to create or add to parks and gardens in the city, to provide open spaces for recreation for all. The first was Daffodil Park in Northfield. The Society also published beautifully illustrated guides to, for example, the Lickey Hills…

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100 Years of Birmingham Civic Society celebrated with a giant picnic

Birmingham Civic Society celebrates it centenary with a picnic at Soho House this Sunday at 1pm…..all are welcome


via Caroline for Birmingham Civic Society

100 Years of Birmingham Civic Society celebrated with a giant picnic

At an inaugural meeting on 10 June 1918 in Birmingham’s Council House, the Birmingham Civic Society was first founded.

Since 1918, the society has championed civic pride, protected Birmingham’s green spaces and cultural heritage, and worked to make Birmingham a better place for its citizens, visitors and workforce. To celebrate 100 years of the society, this special civic picnic is the focal event of a year-long programme of events, activities, walks and tours, which are open to all.

Soho House Soho House

Gavin Orton, Chairman of the Society said: “We are delighted to be able to offer such a great range of events and activities to Birmingham residents, workers and visitors to the city, celebrating 100 years of the Birmingham Civic Society. The society and its members work tirelessly to protect our city’s green…

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