Secret Garden and Shakespeare’s memorial room.

The #SecretGarden and #Shakespeare Memorial Room at the Library of Birmingham


I was in the City Centre yesterday with a friend and we were a bit early for our event so he took me to Birmingham Library to show me the roof top gardens and Shakespeare’sMemorialRoom.

I didn’t even know this was here and it’s all free to enjoy. There is a lift to take you up to the secret garden and it’s well worth checking out. The views are amazing, that’s assuming you have a head for heights. The gardens are a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle of street level.

Then up a little higher and there is a room that has come, not from the last old library, but from the library that was there before that!

The Shakespeare’s Memorial room.

It’s breathtaking.

I could have spent ages in here, but we did have a lunch to attend. I’ve promised myself I will take…

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2 thoughts on “Secret Garden and Shakespeare’s memorial room.

  1. I often visit the library, I love sitting with a book in the gardens. But most of all love the Shakespeare’s room and the view. It’s calming there.

  2. Yes I agree the garden is very tranquil and relaxing, an oasis above a bustling city Brummagem below….for me Shakespeare is almost a Brummie, born just 25 miles from our great city, which did not exist in his day. For me (I worked promoting the City of Birmingham to international business for the city’s former investment promotion agency: ‘Locate in Birmingham’ our airport should be renamed: Birmingham William Shakespeare Airport as he was THE most famous and celebrated Englishman, AND a West Midlander, born and educated in Warwickshire before moving to London to seek his fortune! Most Americans (where most of our inward investment comes from) Chinese, Japanese and Europeans know William Shakespeare but how many know that he comes from very near to Birmingham? #BrummieBardBill should be Shakespeare’s hashtag in my opinion, the world’s greatest playwright and poet and nearly a Brummie…….Thanks for commenting on my posts Livinia All the best Keith Bracey

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