Lunch at Itihaas, Birmingham

I have myself eaten at Itihaas and it is truly a top notch curry house

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

By Dave Massey

Lunch at Itihaas, Birmingham

It’s my first time at Itihaas. It is an upscale Indian Restaurant based just past the business district of central Birmingham. This strikes me as a venue where business deals are done. The staff are friendly and welcoming as you’d expect.

It’s exactly Noon when we arrive and the venue is totally empty apart from the Staff, the venue has two floors and we are seated in the rear area of the ground floor. We are offered a welcoming glass of Champagne and as its noon, I try and protest a tiny tiny amount about this before pretending not to accept the offer too quickly.

We take a look at the lunch menu, I pretend I’ve not looked online already at it. There’s burgers, wraps and and dosas on the menu. Which I didn’t expect to see at all.

Inside Itihass Inside Itihass

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