This is Elvis at New Alexandra Theatre

We are going to see “This is Elvis” at the New Alexandra Theatre on Thursday….. Can’t wait as my wife is a huge Elvis Presley fan and this is my birthday treat!


By Julie Wallis

This is Elvis at New Alexandra Theatre

This is Elvis is at New Alexandra Theatre all this week and it really is something special! Not just another jukebox musical, This is Elvis is way more than the sum of its parts.

The first half has a little story and some acting revolving around Elvis (played by Steve Michaels) and his comeback tour in 1968. Act one opens at the NBC studios and Elvis is due on set but has some worries that he is no longer relevant to today’s music scene. Of course he does appear on the show and is a huge hit with the audience.

We then move to his Graceland home where we find out that Elvis’ lack of confidence is partly because his manager, the Colonel, has told Elvis that rock and roll is not here to stay and had persuaded Elvis…

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