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Highbury Hall was the home of the great Birmingham political family: The Chamberlain’s with its scion Joseph Chamberlain, one time Colonial Secretary and President of the Board of Trade, his son Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work on the 1925 Locarno Pact which laid the groundwork for the United Nations: Sir Austen Chamberlain and the most successful of the Chamberlain men Neville Chamberlain who rose to become Prime Minister, a job Joseph Chamberlain would have loved. Neville Chamberlain is always remembered for his ‘little piece of paper’ post Munich and as an appeaser of Hitler with Churchill getting the kudos for defeating the Nazis…..A revisionist view of the Chamberlain Premiership says that his appeasement of Hitler and the Nazis may have gained Britain time to rearm and ultimately defeat Germany and there may be something in this….As they say the ‘victors always rewrite history’ and Churchill certainly did that in his failure, whereas Chamberlain died a broken man in 1940…a forgotten footnote to the Second World War…….

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