#BrumPanto Cinderella at Birmingham Hippodrome

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#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

by Dave Massey twitter.com/brumhour

Cinderella at Birmingham Hippodrome

According to the Birmingham Hippodrome theatre programme, Cinderella has been performed over 10 ten times since 1961 and it’s certainly one of the biggest pantos in the country, and if you don’t include arenas, it is the BIGGEST THEATRE PANTO in the UK. There’s soo much to love about this huge show. Singing, dancing, comedy and getting the audience involved.

Beverley Knight photo by Paul Coltas Beverley Knight photo by Paul Coltas

Compared to other pantomimes. there’s not a lot of plot to the story of Cinderella: A downtrodden girl Cinderella (Suzanne Shaw) lives with her two mean stepsisters Voluptua (Ceri Dupree) and Verruca (David Dale) and her best friend is Buttons, (Brum Panto Regular Matt Slack is back for a fifth year). They hear that Prince Charming, (Danny Mac) is hosting a ball and the three sisters all want…

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