1. This is really interesting. I will tell my students about the information. I live in Birmingham B15

  2. Thanks Livi

    You may also wish to share my ‘Made in Birmingham’ timeline 1730 -2000 with your students which you can also find on my Birmingham Blog…..I have a keen interest in Birmingham’s history after a history degree at Nottingham University. I am especially interested in the history of the Birmingham Lunar Society which led the Midlands Enlightenment and made the industrial revolution happen here in Birmingham with Boulton and Watt’s steam engines made at the Soho Foundry in Smethwick which powered Manchester’s cotton mills…..it is rubbish to suggest that Manchester is the crucible of the industrial revolution….I ask you….which came first…..the steam power or the cotton mills? I rest my case Birmingham is at the heart of the industrial revolution with the ‘Lunar Men’ or ‘Lunarticks’ as they were known as their ideas were thought to be so outlandish….!!!!! These ‘Friends that Made the Future’ created the industrial revolution here in BIrmingham and Coalbrookdale…..and the iron bridge…..NOWHERE ELSE!!!!! Not Manchester…..Leeds……Liverpool or London……It was BIRMINGHAM!

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