The canal house opens in Birmingham

The former #JamesBrindley pub on #GasStreetBasin reopens as #TheCanalHouse

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

by Ryan Parish aka Brummie Gourmand

The Canal House opens in Birmingham

Those who have walked down the canal side, between Brindleyplace and Mailbox in central Birmingham, have probably noticed the poor dilapidated state the former James Brindley Pub was getting into. It was a 90s hotspot but closed its doors in 2008 for the final time after facing stiff competition. The building has since sat there unloved, the glass arch steamed with condensation, the windows shuttered.

All that has changed now, and for the better. New World Trading Company have been busy little bees, giving the building a makeover from top to bottom and adding some gorgeous panelling on the outside to give us The Canal House, a unique venue for the second city, inspired by James Brindley and the canal trade. I went with BrumHour for a sneak peek, prior to its opening on Monday 14th August.

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