Jewellery Quarter Festival.

I was at the Jewellery Quarter Festival too today and had a photo with one of the #BigSleuth #Bears


Over the course of this weekend the Jewellry Quarter Festival  is happening.  As well as plenty of fun family activities it is also an opportunity to visit lots of the jewellery houses to see behind the scenes.

We took 6 year old twins Theo and Alexis and hoped the rain would stay away.

The twins had a few visits to the helter skelter, it proved to be a firm favourite and Alexis wanted me to join her for her very last go, so being a good grandmother I braved the very steep stairs and we whizzed down whooping. It was a lot more fun than I remember it being from my childhood.

Another very popular activity that Theo loved was the Scalextric Grand Prix. With several cars on the track, drivers had handsets in a colour to match their car. Unfortunately  for as much as Theo loved it, he really…

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