Delve into chocolate history at Cadbury World’s Heritage Weekend in Birmingham

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Heritage Weekend at Cadbury World in Birmingham

Discover the history behind the iconic Cadbury brand, as Heritage Weekend returns to Cadbury World from Saturday 1st July – Sunday 2nd July.

During the weekend, visitors can delve into the rich history of the Cadbury brand on Cadbury World’s guided walks (weather permitting) throughout Bournville Village.

Highlighting significant places of interest, the tour brings to life George and Richard Cadbury’s story and their revolutionary vision to build both a new factory and community.

Heritage Weekend Heritage Weekend

Alternatively, for families who prefer to explore the scenic village at their own pace, there is a family-fact finding trail.

Back at Cadbury World, there’s even more history to discover through the attraction’s chocolatey zones. In the reception area, you’ll find a live human statue of John Cadbury to help bring the magic of the past to…

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