If you’ve never been to Birmingham then you ought ta……….

It’s a grand city made up of many a quarter………

There is jewellery to be sold, diamonds, platinum and gold

Jewellery Quarter Clock

Boulton’s silver to assay, precious gems from far away.

Guns were made nearby, helping soldiers fight and die

In the English Civil War we made musket, cannon and ball

A more powerful Lewis gun helped the British beat the Hun.

Mr Webley made a revolver fired by many a pitiful soldier

Gunmaker's Arms

On a lighter note in The Theatre Quarter

The stage is set for talented daughters

The Rep, the Alex and Hippodrome…..

Birmingham Hippodrome

Encourage performers to make Birmingham their own

Chaplin, Burton and Olivier

Travelled here to perform their plays

Musicals, ballets and pantomime

Ensure cultural visitors have a good time

The NEC and NIA have changed their names along the way

Barclaycard Arena

The Good Food Show, Crufts and fashion galore

Ensure our visitors come back for more

In the Symphony Hall there was often a battle

Between the CBSO and Sir Simon Rattle

Symphony Hall

The Chinese Quarter is colourful and bright

A fantastic place to go out at night

Stir-fried noodles, a tantalising odour

A grand Dragon Parade from Wing Yip’s Pagoda.


The Balti Belt, full of saris and spices

Tasty Asian food cooked with different rices

An area to visit to sample a curry,

At Adil’s or Imran’s there’s no need to hurry

Bring your own beer, share various starters

Poppadoms, Pakoras, Aloo with tomatoes

A ‘curry in a bucket’ naan size of a table

Mild, medium or hot, eat it all, if you’re able.

Balti Karahi

Our City has Cadbury, Jaguar Land Rover too,

Speedway, rugby, and cricket for you

A passion for sport, you can all hear the roar

For a goal scored by Blues or Aston Villa football.

Charlie Aitken

Indoor and outdoor, The Bull Ring Markets

Sell everything from cheese to carpets

The Germans come at Christmas time

Bringing Bratwurst, Schnitzel and Gluhwein

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

Birmingham has ‘More Canals than Venice’

We also invented the game of lawn tennis.

Major Harry Gem

The Botanical Gardens and Cannon Hill Park

Have flowers and lawns, hosting shows: ‘What a lark!’

An airport, coach and New Street Station

Grand Central Birmingham

Make us the “Centre of our Nation”

To travel by car to any sort a function

You may have to negotiate Spaghetti Junction!!!!!

Spaghetti Junction at night

The ‘Stroll from St Philip’s to St Paul’s’

Where Boulton and Watt occupied the pew stalls

St Paul's Church

Pugin’s St Chad’s, the Roman Catholic Cathedral

St Chad's Cathedral

Anglican St Martin’s, on the steps to the bronze Bull

St Martin's Church

The Kennedy Memorial near Digbeth’s Custard Factory,

Kennedy Memorial

Healed the wounds of the Irish after the Birmingham atrocity

The Rotunda stood proud, so tall and so round

Blown to small pieces with ‘The Tavern in the Town.’

Rotunda New

The City recovered, no flags at half mast

Brummies look FORWARD, don’t dwell on the past

Birmingham Motto

Our mixture of cultures live well together

Our heritage, our history will go on forever.




Keith Bracey Birmingham Poet #BrummieBard



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