Stadium at Birmingham Rep

#STADIUM at #Birmingham #REP

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

Stadium is at Birmingham Rep this week and Brum Radio sports presenter Tim Arstall found out more for #BrumHour:

By Tim Arstall

Stadium at Birmingham Rep

Football courses through the veins of Birmingham. It beats, it pulsates, it’s raw and it’s primal. Stadium is all about that foundation, stripping back the glitz and gloss of what has become a very commercial game to capture the sport’s unapologetic coarse underbelly.

Entering the Birmingham Rep I was expecting the normal theatrical routine of padded seats and champagne bars; what I was greeted with was a set design that shattered the fourth wall. Plastic seats were ripped from some unfortunate football ground and then planted for the audience to fully immerse themselves in our sporting scene.

Stadium_Doug O'Brien_c Graeme Braidwood Stadium by Mohamed El Khatib photo by Graeme Braidwood

If I’m honest there were elements of gentrification around the atmosphere, but the feel was authentic…

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