Lovehard at the Old Joint stock

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Last year I was lucky enough to attend a comedy night for a fellow blogger at The old Joint Stock, this year the  uniquely gifted Lovehardcomedy returned to play at the same venue and I was invited to attend again and can I say these guys have huge talent, should you ever get the chance to see them live then you must go. I promise you will never see anything like this anywhere else. Birmingham is awash with local talent and Lovehard Comedy  are home grown talent that deserve to go far.

Lovehard are a comedy duo that perform the most wonderfully entertaining and clever plays I have ever seen. Now when I say comedy duo, please don’t think Morecombe & Wise or  French & Saunders, what these guys do is far from your regular stand up routine. I will try to convey the flavour of Lovehard as best…

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