Otoro Sushi

OTORO #Sushi for some #FishyTreats in #Birmingham


Out In Brum - Otoro Sushi - InteriorI’ll forgive you that Birmingham may not be your immediate thought when you think about Sushi.  Perhaps your mind wanders to images of naked Japanese maidens decorated with crustaceans, rice, and tuna (that’s called Nyotaimori and there’s an interesting article about it available here).  It’s no surprise your brain doesn’t leap to Brum given it is as far from the sea as it’s possible to be in the UK, yet I’m hoping my review of Otoro will urge you to give seafood more of a chance.

The meat and fish market next to Brum’s well-known Rag Market is home to a six-stool Japanese style sushi bar, that goes by the name of Otoro, a word that refers to the fattiest part of a tuna fish.  The sushi bar has been open for a while and has developed somewhat of a cult reputation, partly for the wonderful food, partly for…

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