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#GinFestival in #Coventry

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On Saturday my partner and I went along to Coventry Cathedral for the Gin Festival. I am a massive gin fan, him not so much, so to be faced with more than 100 gins was going to be a challenge.

Gin Festival 20 May 2017

On arrival we were handed our Spanish style balloon tasting glasses, a Gin Explorers Guide and a handy across the body bag. Then we were directed to the tills to purchase tokens – this is the important bit –  the bars do not accept cash and just like a coffee shop loyalty card each time you purchase a drink and mixer your card is stamped. A fiver gets you a shot of gin, mixer and garnish.

Then free to wander to the four bar stations A – D each containing different optics it was decision time. Classic London Dry? A sweeter Plymouth blend? A malty genever or fruit infusions?


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Paprika Grill House – Bearwood

Paprika in Bearwood…..#BrumisBrill Grill House…..get there for a lovely meal!


Out In Brum - Paprika Grill Bearwood - ExteriorTo counter those of you that say we only eat at and review upmarket venues, here’s one just for you- the cheap and cheerful Paprika Grill House in Bearwood.

On a random friday evening we decided there was nothing on TV and we were looking for an excuse to head towards Bearwood to play with a friend’s new rescue dog. They suggested we try out Paprika for “meat on a stick” – how could we refuse?!

The owners have recently renovated the interior, cladding some walls with wood, so it’s now a bit Scandinavian sauna with Tiffany lamps.   It’s very clean and bright, in fact it’s very bright and the the owner was discussing that he needed to have them dimmed – an attention to detail we appreciate seeing.

Out In Brum - Paprika Grill Bearwood - Tomato FetivalWhen it comes to the menu at Paprika you will spot a bit of a theme. You can have anything you want as long…

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La Cage Aux Folles at Birmingham Hippodrome

#LaCageAuxFolles at the #Birmingham #Hippodrome …..Get there!

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

With Birmingham Pride around the corner the timing of La Cage Aux Folles couldn’t be better. Julie Wallis  reviews La Cage

La Cage Aux Folles

La Cage Aux Folles is at Birmingham Hippodrome until Saturday 20th May and it is a treat to behold.

The story is based on Albin (Zaza) and Georges, a married gay couple who run Saint-Tropez premiere drag nightclub called La Cage Aux Folles. Georges fathered a son, the result of a previous brief fling with a woman and he and Albin have bought the boy up together. The son, Jean-Michele is now a 24 year old young man announcing his engagement to Anne, who in turn is the daughter of a politician. Unfortunately Anne’s father is very conservative, anti gay and trying to close down La Cage Aux Folles as he wants to implement strict new morality laws. And Anne’s parents are about to…

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