Selfridges shows its Birmingham Pride

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Selfridges Birmingham has teamed up with local drag artist, Gavina, to showcase the store’s fabulous rainbow offerings during Birmingham Pride. Here’s what Bradley sent on behalf of Selfridges Birmingham:

Selfridges shows its Birmingham Pride

Living up to one of its founding principles “Everyone is welcome”, Selfridges Birmingham is happily joining in with the city’s Birmingham Pride celebrations on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May, in the most more-ish way.

Gavina in Selfridges Gavina in Selfridges

Pride-goers will be able to pop into the Selfridges Birmingham Foodhall to get their hands on a rainbow cupcake for £3 and a slice of rainbow or unicorn cake for £4 and, literally, taste the rainbow. For those with a bigger appetite or keen to share, the entire large cakes can be yours for £48 and will certainly create a stand out moment at any Pride party.

Selfridges Birmingham Rainbow cake_£4 per slice Selfridges Birmingham Rainbow Cake

These colourful…

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