Victoria Wood a true BrummaGEM

I have been watching ‘Our Friend Victoria’ on BBC1 on Tuesday evenings.

I found out from this little #BrummaGEM of a programme that ‘Our Victoria’ was once a barmaid at one of my and my #DixoniansRFC playmates old haunts: The Sportsman Pub in #MetchleyLane in #Harborne in#Birmingham.

The Sportsman Harborne

It was here where she used to perform her comic songs and little ditties to the assembled stoodents and boozy rugger b*ggers of #DixoniansRFC and ordinary #Harborne #pub punters.

Dixonians Full Back

Victoria was noticed by a BBC producer from nearby #BBCMidlands HQ at #PebbleMill and offered an audition while studying for a Degree in Drama at the #UniversityofBirmingham.

Old Joe Campanile through Trees

#BirminghamUniversity is my old Alma Mater where I studied #EconomicHistory in the #MuirheadTower from 1976 to 1979…..

Fascinating about ‘Our Victoria’ innit?

Victoria Wood at Piano Cant do it song

‘Our Vic’ may well have met her old lifelong friend and collaborator #Bearwood‘s own #Dame #JulieWalters who was once upon a time a nurse at the nearby #QueenElizabethHospital……..?????

Julie Walters

#VictoriaWood was therefore one of #Birmingham’s #BrummaGEMS!

Victoria Wood with BAFTAS

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