12th Night and Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Shakespeare born 25 miles from #Birmingham in the #WestMidlands of #England is #sublime…..#ShakespeareisSuper

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Spring 2022


What a wonderful gift to have Professor Barry Spurr gracing us with his extraordinarily insightful lecture on Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Barry provided a rich intellectual context for seeing how Shakespeare’s sonnets (and plays), emanating from an author with a middle-class background, were deeply subversive of the hierarchy in England and also of the Italian influence. It is indeed paradoxical -as was pointed out by one of our students- that while Shakespeare so often turns to Italy- and indeed to Rome- for his inspiration, he is yet so deeply critical of aspects of the traditions that were imported into England in the 16th Century. Malvolio is perhaps a really interesting case in point. A character with an Italian name, and yet a character who, in name and nature is lampooned for being such a control-freak, such a puritan party-pooper. As our wonderful anarchist Sir Toby Belch is so fond of saying (in…

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