Stratford upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace.

I love Stratford and the #BardofAvon #WilliamShakespeare Why not rename BHX Birmingham Shakespeare Airport and watch OUR inward investment soar!


May Day, the bank holiday, not a distress signal, was perfect.

Shakespeare’s house.

Mr. Red and I drove just a short way to visit StratforduponAvon, a picturesque and historical town that I love to visit. Let me share today’s experiences with you dear reader. We chose to drive in and used the parkandride. Park and ride really is the only way, unless you go by train, parking is not easy in the town so at £1.00 to park and £2.00 each return bus fare it is so worth the small fee. Whether you drive in or go by train, the park and ride is right by the train station I definitely recommend you do park and ride.
Our day began with a wander up and down the streets admiring a host of vintage cars, with everything from top of the range cars including Rolls…

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