Ben Jonson, Thomas More, Roger Ascham, Thomas Hoby (Castiglione), Philip Sidney, Mary Wroth, Francis Bacon: Humanism…

Allegedly #BenJonson wrote the #BardofAvon’s plays…..Poppycock I say…..Zounds! Gadzooks! It’s all a ruse of course William Shakespeare wrote the plays of the Bard

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Autumn 2022

What a wail of a day we have had coursing through this amazing gallery of Renaissance delights!


Ben Jonson’s wonderful poems about his dinner table and the reading he supplies for his guests- and then his savage poem about eating too much “On Guts” : Gut eats all day, and lechers all the night…. Lust it comes out, that gluttony went in.” Jonson’sfriend and mentor Mary Wroth is also the subject of one of Jonson’s most erotically evocative sonnets in which he praises her verse as having the same aphrodisiac power as Venus’s girdle or belt :

“or in your verse all Cupid’s armory, /His flames, his shafts, his quiver, and his bow, /His very eyes are yours to overthrow. / But then his mother’s sweets you so apply,/ Her joys, her smiles, her loves, as readers take/ For Venus’ ceston [girdle or belt arousing passion in all beholders], every…

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