BrummaGEM’s BEST A few more Brum Poems by the Brummie Bard

Some more poems inspired by Birmingham by the Brummie Bard: Keith Bracey


For ‘Grand Designs’ or ‘The Motor Show’


Where in Birmingham does one go?


The NIA or NEC?


Look around: So much to see!


The Hippodrome for Pantomime


The Alex for Musicals with Song and Rhyme


Orchestral Music at Symphony Hall


Or a Play at The Rep, which is just next door!


For Concerts performed after dark


Visit St Andrew’s or Villa Park


Cultural Events at Aston’s ‘Drum’


Or Birmingham Royal Ballet for Dance and Fun


Art Exhibitions at Birmingham Museum


Join Long Queues to go and see ‘em


The Magnificent Organ in Hansom’s Town Hall


Played for the ‘Three Choirs Festival’


Venues to View, Places to Stay


Birmingham’s THE City to visit TODAY!


GOD made Adam from a ‘Handful of Dirt’,


GAVE him Animals to name……not to Hurt,


PLACED him in a Garden that was PARADISE,


ADAM said EDEN was very NICE,



THE problem was……he was SOOOO Alone,


SO GOD made EVE from HIS rib bone,


THE couple Loved GOD and did obey,


THEY listened hard when HE had HIS say,



THE food in EDEN is good to eat,


EVERYTHING is ripe, fresh and sweet,


THE fruit from THAT tree shows GOOD and BAD


IF you eat THAT fruit, IT will make me MAD,

EVE went walking in THE GARDEN one day,


WHEN SATAN, The Serpent came and had HIS say,


THE fruit from THAT tree will make YOU wise,


TRY IT and share some, he did advise,



EVE and ADAM both ate the FRUIT,


THEN realised they were in their BIRTHDAY SUIT,

WHEN GOD called they were SOOOO ashamed,


EVE and The Serpent were BOTH blamed,



GOD was SAD and gave HIS command,


From this PARADISE you BOTH are banned.


THISTLES and WEEDS will grow from the EARTH,


EVE you will suffer, when you give BIRTH.



SNAKES and HUMANS will always FIGHT,


FEET will STAMP and FANGS will BITE,


ADAM and EVE were banished to their FATE,


GOD placed ANGELS to guard EDEN’S GATE,



NOT allowed to forget what they had DONE,


THE COUPLE worked HARD and HAD two SONS,




BUT the LIVES of these TWO MEN is another SAD FABLE.


Keith Bracey Birmingham-born Father of Adam & Sarah



Major Harry Gem


Edgbaston is the place


Where they serve up many an Ace


Invented by Major Harry Gem:


A game for lithe athletic men


At 8 Ampton Road: ‘Fairlight’


You’d see rubber balls in flight


Men and women both


They’d hit balls with all their might


In clothing… Oh so bright!


A game played in Lilywhites


As played on a manicured lawn


In the summer of 1859


Young men and women courting


Eating, drinking, laughing


Eligible bachelors and young maidens


Playing on a mown green grass court


‘Good shot sir!’… they’d shout


With many a lascivious thought


The young women they did ‘Glow’


Ann Jones


As they knocked balls to and fro


Over a rudimentary net


With strawberries and cream… bet!


Lawn tennis started to grow


Into the game that we now all know


Fred Perry, Bunny Austin,


Ann Jones, Virginia Wade


Ann Jones Centre Court at Priory Club


Andy Murray and Sue Barker


Grand Slam Champions were made


So next time you’re in Birmingham


Recall Edgbaston’s Major Gem


And the Great Game that he gave us:


‘Game, Set and Match: Amen!’


Tennis Girl Fiona Butler

Keith Bracey Birmingham Tennis Fan and Edgbastonian where Tennis was ‘Madein Birmingham’ at 8 Ampton Road by Major Harry Gem & Augurio Perera


Blues, Bears, Barons


Villains, Wasps and Wolves


Gabby Agbonlahor


Harriers, Saddlers, Bullets


Baggies, Bees and Bulls


The 3 Degrees WBA



Four Football grounds to visit


Four home team strips to buy


Colourful scarves round cold necks


Or for Fans to hold up high



The oval ball pulls in the crowds at Moseley RFC


Moseley Stand


For mucky rucks and scrums so tough


Such spectacular tries to see


Their followers stand together


Dixonians Full Back



With drinks held in their hand


They roar and sing to urge their boys


Uniting Rugby in their stand


George Ford


Against violence in the land



It’s cricket in the summer


To Edgbaston Fans will go


Edgbaston Cricket Ground


Watching men in white in a crease with bat


A five dayer seems oh……so slow



The Twenty Twenty is much more fun


The Ball flies everywhere

There are wickets, sixes and catches


As we cheer on Birmingham Bears

Keith Bracey #Villain #Bear and #MoseMan













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