BrummaGEM’s BEST A few more Brum Poems by the Brummie Bard

More #BrumPoems by the #BrummieBard Keith Bracey @1truclaretnblu


Some more poems inspired by Birmingham by the Brummie Bard: Keith Bracey


For ‘Grand Designs’ or ‘The Motor Show’

Where in Birmingham does one go?

The NIA or NEC?

Look around: So much to see!

The Hippodrome for Pantomime

The Alex for Musicals with Song and Rhyme

Orchestral Music at Symphony Hall

Or a Play at The Rep, which is just next door!

For Concerts performed after dark

Visit St Andrew’s or Villa Park

Cultural Events at Aston’s ‘Drum’

Or Birmingham Royal Ballet for Dance and Fun

Art Exhibitions at Birmingham Museum

Join Long Queues to go and see ‘em

The Magnificent Organ in Hansom’s Town Hall

Played for the ‘Three Choirs Festival’

Venues to View, Places to Stay

Birmingham’s THE City to visit TODAY!


GOD made Adam from a ‘Handful of Dirt’,

GAVE him Animals to name……not to Hurt,


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