Wonderful whisky women in Birmingham

Whiskey A Go Go in Brum……..#BrumIsBrill

#BrumHour Archive 2015-2018

by Caroline Bletso

Wonderful whisky women

I do love me some whisky, and judging by the turnout for the (fabulous) whisky festival run by the (amazing) Whisky Birmingham, women are still rather in the minority on that front. Or maybe we’re just in hiding?

The Birmingham Whisky club, itself run by two (fabulous) women is countering the gent-ification of the beverage by holding whisky women events, tastings just for women.

I was extremely lucky to attend an extra special Whisky Women, celebrating the women behind the whiskies, especially for International Women’s Day. (International men’s day is 19th November, just to get that out of the way). I joined a group of women, both whisky virgins and aficionados, to sample six whiskies and to hear the stories of the women behind them.

Fellow tasters square

Queens of the bootleggers

First up, is the tale of the women who kept whiskey flowing- the…

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