Delight at BBC boost

Hurrah BBC 3 coming to BRUM! But we do NOT want Channel 4 and its awful programmes loike Benefits Street which made ordinary Brummies look feckless and denigrated Birmingham my home city and made Brum and Brummies a laughing stock……Clear off Channel 4 we don’t want or need you after the hatchet job you did on Birmingham with ‘Benefits Street’ welcome to the Beeb, building on your presence at the iconic Mailbox…..Keith Bracey, former investment promotio and inward investment professional with Locate in Birmingham, the city’s former investment promotion agency….I bought the Elmhurst School for Dance from Camberley to Edgbaston in Birmingham to become the feeder Ballet School for the Birmingham Royal Ballet from 2000 until 2004 when I project managed the relocation and new build.


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