Shakespeare Plus 2017

William Shakespeare is the GREATEST WEST MIDLANDER born 25 miles from my Home Town of Birmingham, Britain’s second city in Stratford – Upon – Avon

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Autumn 2022


Hello All, we now begin our Shakespeare Blogs for 2017. We have had a wonderful launch into a Shakespearean autumn with Bell Shakespeare’s  Richard III awaiting us on Wednesday 15th March. As a preamble to that we have explored the context of the European Renaissance and 16th Century England. What a time that was with the fears of the plague and political intrigue hovering over people’s lives. Were their times any more fraught than our own? An interesting question. Kate Mulvany as Richard III will bring a totally new perspective into audience’s reactions to Richard III. As the recent discovery of Richard IIIremains in a carpark in Leicester provoked, there are still unanswered questions: was he an outright villain, or were there any redeeming aspects to his experience as a human being born with some very compromising defects: r3

Blog Topics begin this week. Here is a selection to chose from. Enjoy…

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