Richard III & Sir Walter Ralegh

The sheer brutality of the Tudors and Stuarts is evident in the execution of former Royal favourite Sir Walter Raleigh and the Tudor propaganda about King Richard III is there for all to see in Shakespeare’s ‘Hatchet Job’ on so called ‘CrookBack Dick’!!!!!

Michael Griffith: Home Page- Literature and Life Autumn 2022

Shakespeare’s play Richard III while it was set over 100 years before it was performed in the 1590s was a starkly contemporary reflection of the realities of what life and politics must have been like during Shakespeare’s own time. We get a hint of the savage brutality that was part of the reigns of all the Royal figureheads, from Elizabeth Ist’s father Henry VIII, through to Elizabeth’s Catholic sister Mary and then into Elizabeth’s own reign- and beyond into the reign of James 1st: being burnt at the stake, being hung, drawn and quartered or simply having your head chopped off with an axe were nearly daily occurrences in this period of history.


And people seemed to enjoy this spectacle of brutality meted out to those whose religion or politics were different from the accepted mood of the times. So this is where the link between Sir Walter Ralegh and Richard…

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