The Growth of Birmingham’s Gun Quarter after the English Civil War

#Birmingham #GunQuarter


#Birmingham #GunQuarter where Birmingham Small Arms (BSA) was founded and Brummagem’s #Gun trade began in 1630 as a response to the political and Revolutionary foment and upheaval that England, Scotland and Ireland was undergoing fully 160 years before the supposedly anarchic and Revolutionary French had their rebellion against the excesses of the French monarchy and aristos came to its head with the 1789 French Revolution… 1649 in London, the political, economic and Royal centre of Britain England’s Parliamentarians, who had won the English Civil War (ECW) at the Battle of Worcester when the King of England Charles I’s heir presumptive and supposed successor Charles II was defeated and vanquished and driven into exile in The Netherlands. Parliament and it’s Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell executed Charles I in Parliament Square in Westminster thereby creating the Protectorate in England……Birmingham played an important role on the Parliamentarian side in the English Civil War…

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